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Home Internet

Does your household or one you know, with students in Wicomico County Public Schools, lack reliable home internet? T-Mobile is offering a free option to provide students the connectivity they need. Through T-Mobile’s Project 10 Million (, free cellular hotspots with 100gb of data per year for five years are being provided to students. There are multiple ways a student can qualify, however the easiest for Wicomico students is the Community Eligibility Provision (the free meals program).

During the application process, make sure to download and attach this image as the letter showing participation in the CEP program:

T-Mobile reports hotspots are currently shipping in 45-60 days.

Wicomico families with existing home internet, through companies such as Comcast or Verizon also qualify for the Federal Government’s Affordable Connectivity Program ( which provides a $30 credit each month on their home internet bill. Households are eligible due to the same Community Eligibility Provision program.


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