Important Election Information
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Where is District 4?  District 4 is made up of the southern and eastern portions of Salisbury. Wicomico County has an interactive map, you can use to browse the district's boundaries.

Do you need to look up your voter registration? Find out where to vote?  If so, the State of Maryland has a website for you.


Do you need to register to vote? Request a mail-in ballot?  If so, you can do all of that online at the State's website.

Nonpartisan? What is That?

Board of Education elections in Maryland are nonpartisan. Some wonder what that means. The term nonpartisan is used to describe elections in which the candidates do not run with partisan labels, such as belonging to Democratic or Republican parties. In nonpartisan elections, political parties are irrelevant to the services provided. The famous saying for this situation is, “There is no Democratic or Republican way to pick up the garbage.” It is also suggested that cooperation between officials belonging to different parties is more likely. Politicians in nonpartisan offices are in theory more likely to be focused on getting their job done than making the other party look bad, as we often see at the national level. Most candidates for Board of Education belong to one of the major parties, however what party they belong to is irrelevant to the election, and hopefully the decisions they make if elected.

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